How to cook Sara Udon

We would like to introduce our Nagasaki speciality food that is easy to cook by yourself.
This time, we introduce “Sara Udon”, written as “皿うどん” in Japanese. What you need to buy is noodles and a soup. They are sold at almost every supermarket in Nagasaki. The noodle is called Cha-Men, “チャーメン” in Japanese. It’s said that the name of the noodle came from a Chinese word long time ago.

The soup is always placed next to the noodle. It’s powder when it’s inside a bag, but once you mix it with water and cook, it gets sticky. The soup is found  at the center of the picture above that shows the character “あんかけスープ, 100円”

At a supermarket, many ingredients used for Champon and Sara-Udon are placed like this.
We have these kinds of foods not only as an ordinary lunch or dinner but also when we meet our relatives or have a meeting our neighbors. They are also delivered from a Chinese restaurant if you order them in your house.

Now we are going to cook. Basically you fry everything except for the soup, and put the soup on the ingredients while cooking in a pan. The ingredients you fry are, for example, pork, vegetables, squids, shrimps, fish cakes and etc.

Fry pork, seafood and vegetables, then put the soup on.

Heat them slowly until the soup gets sticky.

Put everything you fried in the pan on the noodle, Cha-Men.
Then ta-da! A delicious Sara Udon is ready to be served.
On the left, thick noodle version. On the right, normal version with crispy thin noodles.
Cha-Men is just 86yen and the soup is 100yen. It doesn’t cost very much and fun to cook.
The ingredients are sold at local shopping district near the hostel AKARI.
How about cooking Sara Udon in AKARI?
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