Ordinary but good days in AKARI

Hi, everyone.
It’s getting cooler in the morning and evening in Nagasaki, but it’s still hot at daytime.

Here’s a Mongolian girl who help us cleaning and at the last day of her work, she kindly gave us Mongolian chess.

It’s very unique because pieces are made based on something related to Mongol.
For example instead of normal pieces, they put yurt, camel and Genghis Khan.

We went to art museum to have a look at an exhibition by an artist who stayed in AKARI.
It’s Chilean art called Arpilleras. It was not only cute but also interesting, because these art works are reflecting severe political situation when military took control of the country.

On the way to the museum, we saw this beautiful scenery.
It’s one of the old western houses in Dejima, and on the back Inasa mountain, which is famous for its night view , is in the sight.

These leaflets are guesthouses and cafes that AKARI staff has been to during a trip to islands in Nagasaki prefecture.

This is new paper cranes‘ board.

They are about to go and have a walk near the hostel.
On the left our volunteer guide and on the right they are our guests.
Our short walk program is where you can hang around with Nagasaki locals.

Enjoy the walk!

Autumn is just around the corner.
Enjoy reading, exercising, and don’t forget eating delicious foods!

Summer 2017

It’s the end of August.
Time flies so fast.

Hostel AKARI is running our hostel keeping our pace.
We are growing vegetables outside of the hostel.

We baked scone using basil that we are growing.

On 19th and 20th, there was summer festival along the riverside.
There were some people wearing Yukata that looked beautiful.
Spectacles bridge changes its face in every season.
It amuses us every time.

We had guests from Korea.
Kids were happy to stay in a bunk bed.
We were happy to see that 🙂

This is handmade instrument called cajon, we named it AKARI CAJON.
You can play it in the hostel.

This is an object sold at a shop nearby hostel.
It’s inspired by Nagasaki festival called Takengei, 竹ん芸.

Enjoy your summer!
Hasta la vista.

Wish For Peace 2017

Yesterday was 9th of August, which is Nagasaki Peace Day
Yesterday’s morning, we headed to Hypocenter and donated thousands of paper cranes folded by our guests who visited AKARI.

You can see how it went from below page.

We pray for peace no matter what.










Our website has now been renewed!
Hostel AKARI was first opened in 2008 making this year its 10th!
Since then, we stayed open for every single day.
There have been difficult times over the past 10 years and there may be more in the next 10 years,
but, we will go on new journeys with our AKARI family!
Thank you very much to everyone who has been involved with us.
We are looking forward to enjoying our time together with the people we meet going forward.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone listed below for their hard work and support to make this new website.


Art Direction:Azusa Kawaji 川路あずさ (HYACCA)
Web Design and Program:Susumu Yamasaki 山崎 進 (design hehe)
Photo : Azusa Shigenobu 繁延あづさ
Illustration : Yuriko Miyazaki 宮崎友理子
Text:Yuki Hashimoto 橋本ゆうき
Translation:Tiffany Key, Danny Rhee, Andries Seegers,
Jonathan van Luijk, Sawako Nishitsu 西津佐和子


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