Akari Akari

Notification of closure : 2020 May

Dear all our guests,

Hostel AKARI started business at Nagasaki in 2008 as the first hostel of Akari cooperation.
For 12 years, we are very happy to have so many guests from all over the world and share wonderful time here.

Due to the oversupply of accommodations in Nagasaki city, our business has not been easy for these last few years. And even without the problem of corona virus, we had already planned closing Hostel Akari in the near future.
Unfortunately, closing day came few years ahead...
We are very very sorry to notice this closure announcement, but our sister hostel, “Cafe and petit hostel Route” will take over our spirit!

We sincerely appreciate your stay and great support.

See you again in near future!



Our Activity Log

Hostel AKARI was providing special experience and warm atmosphere to the travelers and locals.
Here are some of the events and activities we have held in the past 12 years.