Nagasaki has a special color especially during this rainy season.
Rains have been appeared in various songs over many years and have added a touch of color for the life in Nagasaki.
This is a small photo exhibition themed on Nagasaki's "rain."
You may be bothered by teary rains sometimes, but forget about them and have a pretty rainy day, instead.
Local photographers took photoes of usual rainy days in Nagasaki.
Their work shows daily Nagasaki scenery.
Let's write a post card with your favorite rainy scene!

Place : Hostel AKARI
(Guests who are not staying are allowed to see only on the 1st floor)
Time : 8:00〜13:00、15:00〜20:00(Closed for lunch break from 1pm to 3pm)
Period: 8th June 2009 〜 30th June 2009
*June 28th: Matatabi-Ichi, the Sunday Traveler's Market will be held on the same day in the hostel!