About Reservations: Cancellations and Changes

Can I change or cancel my reservation?
Except for peak seasons and prearrange group plans, reservations can be canceled or changed based on the following cancellation policy.
** Cancellation or changes 24 hours before the reservation: 100% of the room fees for the first night (50% for the second night if applicable).
** Cancellation or changes 48 hours before the start of the reservation: 50% of the room fees for the first night.
** For cases of “no-shows” (aka failure to contact Hostel AKARI in the event that you are unable to keep your reservation), we will charge 100% of the room fees for the entire reservation.
Is there a special room rate for children?
Children under age 7 staying in a private room are free of charge if they do not need beds/futons. (applicable only 1 child per 1 adult & maximum 2 children per room.) Children age 7 or above are charged same as adult rate.
Are there age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions for children staying in the private rooms but children under 10 years old are not permitted in the dormitories.

About Check-In / Check-Out

When is Check-In / Check-Out?
Check-in is between 15:00 and 20:00. For guests arriving before 15:00, we are happy to keep your luggage until check-in time.
Check-out time is 11:00. If you wish to extend your accommodation, please inform our reception staff by 11:00 am.
Can I check-in after 20:00?
Normally, the reception closes at 20:00 and the entrance is then locked. Guests arriving after 20:00 can arrange a later check-in if you inform us in advance.
Is it possible to check-out early in the morning?
Yes, it is possible. The reception desk opens at 9:00, but you can check-out before that time.
Do you have any required procedures for registering to stay?
For our foreign guest, we ask that you present your passport or residence card so that we may comply with Japanese law.
Do you have a curfew?
There is no curfew but for entry and exit after 20:00, you will need the key provided to you at check-in. Using both the key and door code (affixed to the key), you are free to come and go as you like during your stay.
Can I leave my luggage after check-out?
Yes, after you check-out, we are happy to look after your luggage without charge until 20:00 on that day.

About Facilities and Services

Where can I put my luggage when staying in a dormitory room? Do you have a locker?
Please keep your luggage by your bed but for valuables, we ask that you use the small (about A4 size) lockers on the same floor.
Is wireless internet (Wi-Fi) available?
Yes, you can connect to the free wifi in the shared area and in most areas of Hostel AKARI.
Is there a fee to use the shared computers in the living room?
No, you can use the shared computers for free.
Do you have breakfast?
We apologize but due to the nature of Hostel AKARI, we do not offer a breakfast. There are many fantastic restaurants in the immediate areas that offer breakfast and we are happy to recommend some if you like. We can also recommend the best shops or bakeries in the neighborhood if you would like to make your breakfast in the shared kitchen.
Do you have a kitchen?
Yes, there is a shared kitchen complete with an IH stove, hot water pot, microwave oven, and refrigerator, all at your disposal during your stay.
Do guests have showers and toiletries in their rooms?
All private rooms have showers/toilets/wash basins ensuite and include basic toiletries. Guests staying in the dormitories must use the shared toilets and bathing facilities.
Is Hostel AKARI a smoke-free environment?
Yes, the entire premises is smoke-free. For guests who need to smoke, please do so in the designated smoking area outside of the front entrance. Guests who are found smoking inside the building will be asked to leave as soon as they are found. In that case, the room fees will not be refunded.
Is there a washing machine?
Yes, it is located on the rooftop. You can wash one load of laundry for 200 yen. However, please be aware that there is no dryer. There is a clothesline and several coin laundromats in the nearby area.
Where can I park?
Please use a coin parking lot nearby. Please do not park in the monthly parking lot next to Hostel AKARI.
Do you provide towels?
A rental towel can be borrowed for 100 yen.
Please feel free to use the soap and 2-in-1 shampoo in the shower room.
Can I rent a bicycle?
Yes, you can rent a bicycle for 500 yen between 9:00-20:00.